Wall Hugger Recliners

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Wall Hugger Recliners are a great way to get comfort and relaxation into a room that would normally be a bit too small for a recliner. You can use the space efficiently and still enjoy yourself. You may have seen a whole in a wall caused by a recliner in someone else’s house. Don’t let that happen to you! A wall hugger can solve this problem.wall hugger recliners

These recliners basically do what they say they do: They hug the wall so you don’t need to pull the chair way out to recline it. A wall hugger recliner will literally only need a few inches between the chair and the wall in order to recline. Those big traditional beefy recliners will usually need 5-10 times as much room as one of these. Stop wasting space! A wall hugger is the easiest way to make the room look better and open and spacious. How can you ask for much more?

Now many people wonder just how these chairs can do that? How do they actually work? Well it’s not hard. Most of them have this little gliding part that makes the seat of the recliner slide forward as it reclines instead of backwards. The more you lean back, the more the seat slides forward. This lets you relax and recline without the back of the chair slamming against anything. Hence it hugs the wall so that you and your recliner are happy campers.


Wall Hugger Recliners Come in Various Styles

If you’re seriously thinking about buying new wall hugger recliners, you should know that you have some good options. No matter if you want these chairs for an in home theater or just a man cave, the small amount of space needed can make it all worthwhile.

The ones called Catnappers are one of the best. They only need about an inch of space from the wall. How cool is that? A measly inch! They come in different types but my favorite are the wall hugger recliners with the ultra-padded pillow top seats and armrests. Man i tell you, once you sink down into one of those you can’t help but feel great and start to think about taking a nap! I have one in my living room and if I’m not careful, I can easily fall asleep for a few hours in there! The name is deceiving because there’s no way you can only sleep for 10 minutes on one! And just a note: they come in a huge number of sizes too. My wife wants one of the smaller ones for her next time we go shopping.

Now don’t forget about the microfiber ones too. These wall hugger recliners are often overstuffed. They feature dirt and stain resistant microfiber covering that feels pretty darn luxurious if you ask me! I wish they came with a longer warranty to be honest but something is better than nothing. I think they have about a 2 year warranty, but still kind of hard to beat those recliners for both value and comfort. Personally I like leather ones the best but microfiber ones have their place too.

I hope you find the perfect wall hugger recliners for your home just like we did. It take some time and patience, but if you shop you’ll find something that works for you soon enough. Good luck to you!

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